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CFR - council of foreign relations

#1 von magnusfe , 19.07.2011 22:06

The CFR is the secret Government in the United States ? How did the CFR get media control , It began with JP Morgan, Warburg and Rockefeller and has evolved into the manipulation of politics on a global scale.The CFR is running America. McCain and Clinton have extensive ties as did Bush's dad and Clinton's husband. Obama is an odd one, but his wife is a director of Chicago's Council on Global Affairs an extension of the CFR. I think he's got half a foot in.In their founding charter(1921) the CFR dedicated themselves to the destruction of the sovereignty of the USA and have been slowly placing its members in the highest political positions and in media to control both. Our sitting Vice Pres. Cheney was a Chairman. So sad. The first order of business of the NAU will be the dissolution of the US Constitution for a new NAU Constitution. It WONT include free speech or guns OR ANY LIBERTIES we've had in the past! Wake UP! Rise UP!

Council of Foreign Relations und Triliterale Kommission sind ebenso wie die BIlderberger Teile der NWO Globlisten


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